About Us

Shoham’s Properties specializes in wholesaling and rehabbing houses in Oregon, with extensive experience in the Portland Metro area. combined experience acquiring, developing, building, renovating and re-selling residential real estate, and is helping hundreds of homeowners in Metro Portland.

Shoham’s Properties is led by Shoham Elchaiani and was founded to help owners get out of difficult real estate situations. We dedicate time and effort into fully researching each house we buy, to ensure the seller gets a fair price and the company earns enough revenue to cover its costs (advertising, staff, repairs, fees, etc).

We subcontract with local contractors who are licensed and insured in the market to develop, build and/or renovate each investment project. Investment projects are managed regularly to ensure quality standards are adhered to and schedules are on target.

I look forward to meeting you, and working with you!

– Shoham